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Advanced Dental Implant Technology

Highly Specialized & Skillful Form of Dentistry


Dental Implant India

Dental Implant India are the most recent and advanced form of dentistry through which new teeth can be restored without damaging the adjacent teeth and feels absolutely natural.

Implant surgical technique is a highly specialized & skillful form of dentistry which combines all the skills & knowledge of periodontics, prosthodontics & oral surgery.

Usually whenever the quantity and quality of bone is compromised, advanced dental implant techniques like bone grafting, sinus graft & sinus bump, ridge augmentation, nerve re-positioning, guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration, platelet rich plasma & platelet rich fibrin and concentrated growth factors are used.

All these recent techniques are also used for bone regeneration & new bone formation.

Lasers are also used for stitch less & blood less dental implant surgeries. Lasers are also very important in treatment of peri implantitis [infection around implant] and falling implants.

Computer guided implant surgery consist of designing & pre-fabrication of a cad cam [computer aided designing & computer aided manufacturing] surgical templet [stent] through which dental implants are also placed in jaw bone very accurately with out any complications.

In Addition, Complications In Dental Implantology are as follows:

Surgery Related Complications
Incision Line Opening
Neve Damage etc

Prosthetic related Complications
Screw Loosening/ Breakage
Crestal Bone Loss
Occlusion Complications

Other Complications
Bleeding Issues
Medical Evaluation, Pharmacology
CT Scan Incidental Findings
Periodontal Issues
Bone Grafting Complications

Furthermore Dr Viral Patel uses digital dentistry techniques for accurate planning of dental implants. Image guided implant placement has undergone revolutionary development in the last few years.

Dr Patel Also use single stage stitchless or flapless technique to place dental implants which is only one time procedure.

Today, advanced implant systems and the use of Cone Beam CT scans allow experienced dental professionals to insert the implants, and immediately place the new teeth on the implants.

Immediate Dental Implant Benefits

  • Shortened treatment time (it is possible to go from tooth loss to having functional and also aesthetic teeth in one treatment session)
  • Better clinical efficiency
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Patients always leave with teeth

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