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Bone Regeneration

bone grafting ahmedabad Bone Grafting Ahmedabad

GBR Guided Bone Regeneration Bone Grafting Ahmedabad is a special technique for forming good bone in periodontal and bone defects. In these technique a absorbable or nor-absorbable barrier membrane is placed over the bone defect to prevent in growth of cells from Gingiva, with the aim of creating a secluded space to receive only cells with an osteogenic potential so Osteogenesis (New bone formation) may occur unimpeded within the space.

Bone graft material is placed in bone defect & this graft is stabilised by covering it with a collagen or other membrane which is having bone forming potential, sometimes graft is mixed with PRF [Platlet Rich Fibrin] having growth facors essential for faster & better bone formation.

Barrier membranes are made of variety of materials like Collagen, PLA – PGA, PRF, CGF [Concetrated Growth Factors], Calcium Sulphate, Vicryl Mesh, Human derived Membranes etc.

Bone grafts are also made of human bone, hydroxy apatite, bone cement, DFDBA, DBM, Calcium Phosphate bio material, Bioactive Glass, Tricalcium Phosphate etc.

Although major autogenous bone grafts are still occasionally required to provide a home for dental implants. The most common bone grafting required involves one or a combination of the following three simpler outpatient procedures:

  • The Alveolar Ridge Preservation Graft or “Socket Graft”
  • The Autogenous Ramus/Chin Graft or “Block Bone Graft”
  • The Subantral Graft or “Sinus Lift Procedure

It is likely that when considering dental implants for the replacement of teeth that you have to undergo bone grafting. Experience Implant Surgeon like Dr Prof Viral Patel will discuss with you which of these he recommends and why. Furthermore, he can answer questions that you may have regarding the pre-operative experience and the post-operative convalescence. All of these minor grafting procedures are performed very comfortably in an indoor clinic with local anaesthesia only.

Graft Less Regeneration

More Recently Dr Viral Patel uses graftless [no use of bone graft] concept in bone regeneration. No bone graft material is used in this technique. Dr patel uses patient’s own blood to achieve growth factors and it is used for bone grafting.

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