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Peri implantitis

A Serious Complication in Implant Dentistry

Peri Implantitis

Peri-implantitis is infection of supporting tissues around dental implants like bone, gingiva & oral mucosa.

It is a very serious complication, and may lead to total failure of implant & other major bone related complications.

Peri-implantitis is not only frequent, but a serious complication. Implants have the potential to last a patient’s entire life. Peri-implantitis can lead to disintegration and early loss of implants and their supported prostheses

Success rate of Implants are more than 98%, only if the diagnosis & implant treatment plan are properly implemented. We personally believe that the surgeon having the skill & mastery of treating complications should only attempt the surgery.

The dental implant surgeon should always consider quality and quantity of the bone available, medical considerations like diabetus, bleeding disorders, age of the patient & other systemic factors and also harmful habits like clenching of teeth (BRUXISUM), smoking, chewing tobacco & betel nut before attempting a successful implant procedure.

Even patient insists, the dental implantologist should have courage to say “NO” when implants are not possible.


It can be prevented by proper treatment planning, oral hygiene procedures like brushing cleaning using water irrigation devices.

Treatment of peri-implantitis include antibacterial therapy along with localised cleaning & also dental lasers are useful in treatment of infection around dental implants.

Dr Patel Uses newer design implants which have less chances of getting infection.

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