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Concentrated Growth Factors [CGF]


Platelet Derived Growth Factors

Growth Factors

CGF is a substance of patient’s own blood enriched with plasma and platelets. It contains various Concentrated Growth Factors [CGF] which help in reduced bleeding at surgical site, enhanced & faster healing, decreased inflammation & swelling and accelerated bone formation.

CGF is made from a small quantity of your own blood approx. 10ml. CGF contains concentrated platelets found in blood. These cells are great reservoirs of growth factors and wound healing factors which are natural components of your own body.

CGF has become an increasingly important in gradient in Bone and Gum – Grafting operations. As well as other types of surgical reconstruction. These is prepared with a special process just before surgery collecting patient’s own blood and applied to the surgical sites.

CGF also has growth factors like PDGF [platelet Derived Growth Factor] which has high osteogenic potential helps in faster bone formation.

These platelet derived CGF can also be moulded into small strips/membranes and used for Guided Bone Regeneration [GBR] & Guided Tissue Regeneration [GTR]. It can also be used as a bone graft material & it can be mixed with a bone graft material to make sticky bone and used to fill bone defects for better bone regeneration.

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