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Advice to prepare your child for a visit to the Dentist

Pedodontist Ahmedabad – Does your child hide while hearing the name of “dentist” or you say that we have to go to the dentist? If your answer is yes then here is some of the advice given by Dr. Viral Patel to prepare your child to go to the Dentist in Ahmedabad. It is very important to take your child to the dentist Ahmedabad for checking and cleaning of their teeth twice the year.

The first thing that parents should keep in mind is that they should not force their child to come to the dentist. You should behave very nicely in front of your children while coming to the dentist. If your child has once visited the Dentist Ahmedabad then he/she will come again to visit because they will think that there is nothing to fear in front of dentist Ahmedabad. But first of all, you have to prepare your child to visit once to the dentist Ahmedabad and it can be done by small drama.

Make your child aware simply

Tell your child that dentist might tickle with your teeth for checking and cleaning. Don’t tell them that they will use a needle or some of the instruments for checking otherwise your child will not come at all.

Prepare them few days early

You should prepare your child as early as possible because if you will prepare them at the time of going to the dentist they will ask several questions and they will not come to visit the Dentist Ahmedabad. Many parents make this mistake.


Prepare for some fuss

It might happen that your child cries, whine or wiggle during the treatment and it is normal for with all children. Don’t fret, and let the experts do their work because they have experience in the treatment of children.

Consider a pretend visit

You can also prepare your child by playing a small game of “you being a dentist and your child as a patient”. Just take the toothbrush and start counting their teeth one by one. Don’t make any sound that might scare them. Use positive words like strong, clean, and healthy teeth. Be nice so that they will feel nice to visit Dentist Ahmedabad.

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