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CAD CAM Technology

Computer Designed & Milled Crown


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Computer Aided Design and Computer Assisted Milling (CAD CAM) takes the world of dentistry to a new level. Fabricating conventional lab products involves technique sensitive procedures and material inconsistencies. Often the integrity of a restoration is subject to human error in such areas as waxing, investing, casting and soldering.

Zirconia Is The Foundation- Porcelain Is The Canopy
Precision milling of purely engineered Zirconia from a Computer Aided Design ensures a stronger restoration with clinical predictability. The evolution of CAD/CAM technology has taken us from a single crown to having the capability of fabricating restorations up to 14 units bridges, MD bridges, inlay bridges, cantilever bridges and implants. The possibilities are endless!

The computer program displays a 3-D custom images of teeth and gums, allowing dentists to precisely design the tooth restoration with functional and esthetic characteristics in mind. Once the restoration has been designed by the computer and cosmetic dentist, the information is sent to a sculpting machine (milling) which creates the restoration to the exact specifications of the design through CAM. There is also no need for impression taking, temporaries or unnecessary reduction of healthy tooth structure.

Typically CAD/CAM dental restorations are milled from solid blocks of ceramic or composite resins. These blocks also match the basic shade of the restored tooth. Metal alloys may also be milled or digitally produced.

Chairside CAD CAM

Chairside CAD/CAM restoration differs from conventional dentistry in that the crown is typically luted or bonded the same day. Conventional prosthesis, such as crowns, have temporaries placed from one to several weeks while a dental laboratory or in house dental lab produces the restoration. The patient returns later to have the temporaries removed and the laboratory-made crown cemented or bonded in place. An in-house CAD/CAM system enables the dentist to create a crown in an hour in some cases. Bonded veneer CAD/CAM restorations are also more conservative in their preparation of the tooth.

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