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Dental Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Overdentures

Implant Dentures

In Dental Implant retained denture at least 4 dental implants are placed in each jaw [arch] and a semi fixed denture is given on these dental implants. The permanent locks of these implants are fixed in the denture. This denture locks on the implants and remains fixed without any movement of the denture in mouth. This denture can be removed and placed by the patient himself/herself. And patient can also clean the denture and implant with routine hygiene procedures like toothbrushing, rinsing and water irrigation devices.

Mini Implants

Dental Mini Implants can also be used for implant retained over dentures whenever there is deficient bone.

Mini implants are single piece dental implants with smaller diameters and can be used in implant retained over denture cases. And also in single stage dental implant procedures where crown is given immediately after dental implant placement. Some dentists also uses mini implants for temporary purpose to give temporary or intermediate fixed teeth.

Dentures are made even before placing the implants using a computer guided technology CAD CAM and immediately after flapless non invasive dental implants placement without stiches, this dentures are given and patient can start functioning on the dental implants & dentures from the same day.

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