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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is by far the most common supplementary treatment in implant dentistry and periodontology, performed in almost close to 90% of cases. If a patient doesn’t have enough bone to ensure that his/her implants will be successful, the implantologist/periodontist in the vast majority of cases can create new bone. This is also possible because of the human body’s remarkable ability to produce bone. Bone grafting triggers this act of magic.

Bone Grafts are natural process or synthetic substitutes used to restore lost bone due to periodontal diseases. In advance implant procedures where available bone is compromised they are used to construct / gain bone suitable for implant placement. Dental specialists typically use four types of bone graft materials like:

Bone Grafts:-


Bone grafts have different properties like Osteogenesis, Osteoinduction, Osteoconduction etc. We use the best graft available worldwide…

All categories of bone materials are commonly used, it depends on the knowledge of the specialist when to use what? Patients can also give their preferences to the surgeon.

DR. VIRAL PATEL has also developed his own bone graft during his research work in 1998 first time in India. Apart from these he is also conducting lots of research and innovations in field of bone grafting in association with various international bone graft manufacturing companies.

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