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Periodontal Flap Surgery

Gum Disease Treatment

Flap surgery

Periodontal Flap Surgery

Gum Surgery, or Periodontal Flap Surgery, is a procedure to treat the Gingiva (Gums). Gingiva is the soft tissues of the mouth that surrounds the neck of the teeth and supports the bone.

Flap Surgery is an absolutely painless procedure done under local aneasthesia to temporarily separate the gums from the teeth giving the periodontist access the roots of the teeth and their supporting bone. This access also allows removal of diseased tissues, plaque and tartar which are the causative factors of periodontitis. Inflamed tissue is removed from between the teeth and from any holes (defects) in the bone. The periodontist then will do a procedure called scaling and root planing to clean plaque and tartar. It is used to treat moderate to severe cases of periodontal (Gum) disease.

Gum surgeries typically do not pose any kind of risks to the patients. It is also a very safe uncomplicated and painless dental chair side procedure done under local anaesthesia.

Dr Viral Patel is a specialist surgeon/periodontist for treating periodontitis, he also uses different types of advanced lasers for the treatment of gum disease which is one of the best & ver effective tool to eliminate gum/ periodontal disease.

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