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Best Pediatric Dentist Ahmedabad

Best Pediatric Dentist Ahmedabad

There are many Pediatric dentists in Ahmedabad. In order to maintain our teeth, regular checkup should be done, so that your teeth are free from germs and bacteria. Parents should take their children to the Pediatric dentist for regularly checkups. It is a common factor that children will be afraid of seeing the Pediatric dentist and instruments which they use. It becomes a difficult task to treat the children. So, pediatric dentist uses the technique which reduces the fear of children.

Pediatric Dentist behavior towards Children:

  1. Dental office environment

Dental office environment should be very pleasant and it should feel like we are living at home. There should be toys, story books and even a play area in the waiting hall so that children can enjoy. The waiting room should be painted with cartoons and paintings and there should be one fish tanks.

  1. Dentist Attitude

The dentist should ask the child about his school, hobbies, interest, favorite cartoons, actors, etc. which helps the child to easily mingle. He/ She should gain the confidence of child by not only dental treatment.

  1. Scheduling of Appointments

Scheduling plays an important role. A pediatric dentist should give sufficient time between two appointments. There should not be a long gap between two appointments because it makes the child getting treated and child who is waiting for the next appointment. Short time should be given to relax.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

The dentist should be giving gifts or a reward, cartoons, toys, etc. after the    treatment. So, that they come for the next appointment again in the future.

These three things are very important to keep in mind of the dentist for the children.

Some treatments which are done at Dr. Viral Patel dental clinic

  1. Preventive treatments (Should be done once every six months)
  2. Pit and fissure sealants(Should be done once every six months)
  3. Pulpectomy
  4. Stainless steel crowns
  5. Strip crowns
  6. Space maintainer
  7. Habit Breakers

These are the treatments which you should go to the best pediatric dentist once. Here the Dr. Viral Patel provides all these treatments and all facilities by which you will go once again to take an appointment.

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