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Periodontal Plastic Surgeries

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Periodontal Plastic Surgery / Mucogingival Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery consists of major procedures like : Frenectomy & Vestibuloplasty, Soft Tissue Grafting, Barrier Membrane Techniques etc.

Frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure performed to remove high frenum attachment, which causes pulling of gum tissue [gingival recession]. High frenum also causes  spacing in between teeth creating cosmetic & functional problems.

Vestibuloplasty is also a similar procedure but intended to remove high tissue attachment to get a good depth in vestibule.

Recently with use of soft & hard tissue lasers both these procedure have become very easy, bloodless & comfortable to the patient,

Soft tissue grafts are basically tissue obtained from palatal region under local aneasthesia to cover isolated & also long areas of gingival recessions.

Artificial readily available soft tissue membrane like collagen, alloderm, PLA PGA & Vicryl  can be also used to correct gingival recession.

More Recent & newer advanced techniques include use of growth factors & patient own blood factors like platelet derived growth factors, concentrated growth factors, platelet rich plasma, platelet rich fibrin.

CGF is a substance of patient’s own blood enriched with plasma and platelets & contains various Concentrated Growth Factors [CGF]. These help in reduced bleeding, enhanced & faster healing, decreased inflammation & swelling and accelerated bone & also soft tissue formation.

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