• World Class Implant Laser & Digital Dentistry In Ahmedabad

Advanced Diagnostics Techniques


Latest Diagnostic Technology:-

Diagnostic Dental Laser

With a world class diagnostic dental laser we can detect cavities or caries using sound. It can also detect minor cracks & fractures of tooth which can not be detected otherwise.

Extra Oral Digital SLR Camera

We use one of the world best extra oral camera with specialised settings to take photos of patients oral cavity and teeth this best quality photos are very useful in dental treatment planning & achieving desirable post treatment results.

Intra Oral Camera

With a very small size intra oral camera we can detect gum disease, dental caries, broken teeth and fillings and also visualize certain areas of oral cavity where routine equipments can not reach. It gives high resolution dental & oral images useful for accurate diagnosis & treatment planning.

Diagnostics Study models

We take impressions of patient’s teeth and study casts are made with plaster this given an actual 3 diamentional view to help in planning and executing any dental procedures. We also use digital dental casts made with a cad cam technology & 3d printing.

Digital Radiographs

Digital x rays are ideal as compared to tradional x rays. It require very less exposure to radiation. We can interprete very clear high resolution images via computer and even very minute problems are also detected.


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